Our dancers will experience the joy of ballet with a combination of classical and pop music. They will improve their flexibility and musicality and learn classical ballet fundamentals, developing a true appreciation for the art of dance in our engaging, age-appropriate classes led by renowned ballerina Mina Black.


Tutus & Tiaras Ballet (Ages 3 – 5)

Your tiny dancer will enter a world imagination, enhancing her creativity, coordination and rhythm. Our adorable princess-themed classes will teach your ballerina about the art of dance through fairytale music, movement and storytelling.


Dress Code: Leotard, Tights, Tutu and Ballet Slippers (P1 – 2nd: add Tap Shoes)




Your girls will have a dance party while working in jazz and hip hop fundamentals. Younger ages will focus on the development of rhythm, flexibility and coordination. Older ages will advance to more complex dance combos and honing their personal dance style. All ages will move and sweat to fun, upbeat music. (Friday’s Hebrew Hip Hop @ 2pm uses only Hebrew music.)


Dress Code: Sneakers

Fri @ 2:00 – 3:00pm




Give your son confidence, discipline and strength as he learns boxing technique in a fun and engaging space. Younger ages will blend boxing-inspired games with fundamentals as older ages progress into more complex combos, footwork, and serious moves on the floor.




Level I

Boys will learn the fundamental break-dance moves – including toprock, downrock, power moves and freeze – in a fun and encouraging environment.

Level II

Take your break dancing skills to the next level. Learn more advanced techniques, create creative combos, and refine your style.


Dress Code: Sneakers


Boys 1st – 5th Grade

Wed @ 5:30pm  – 6:25pm (Level I)  // Wed @ 5:30pm – 6:25pm (Level II)




Sports Action, Level I

Kids will develop their movement skills while playing games and having tons of fun. They will work on their balance, multi-directional movement and overall coordination while improving their agility and becoming familiar with training techniques. Sports Action will teach essential motor skills to last a lifetime, whether or not sports are a part of your child’s future.


Basketball Focus, Levels II & III

This class is for the young athlete who plays either one or multiple sports and is interested in improving his athletic ability off the court and off-season. With an emphasis basketball, boys will focus on the five target areas of the sport: Footwork, Dribbling, Passing/Catching, Ball-Handling and Shooting. Each class is spent working on conditioning, agility and hand-eye coordination, and well as learning the rules and strategy of the game.


(Please contact us for information regarding in-home private sports training.)




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