Girls’ Tutus & Tiaras Ballet
 (Dress Code: Leotard, Tights, Tutu and Ballet Slippers)

In this ballet class a little girls’ dreams of becoming a princess will come true. Your dancing princess will enter a world imagination, enhancing their creativity, coordination and rhythm. Our adorable princess themed dance classes will teach your ballerina about the art of dance through fairytale music, movement and storytelling. Your princess is guaranteed to receive the royal treatment in each class

Girls’ Ballet/Tap (Dress Code: Leotard,Tights, Ballet Slippers,Tap Shoes ) 5 – 6 Years/ 1st – 3rd Grade

Ballet is a disciplined dance technique that is based on a movement vocabulary specifically referencing the ballet movements. The vocabulary is written and spoken in French. Classes begin with stretching followed by a series of exercises at the ballet barre. Choreography is referred to as classical, with romantic ballet themes being very popular. Jazz is a contemporary form of dance technique often accompanied by popular music styles, broad stretching movements and fast paced choreography. This class incorporates basic foot movements of Tap without the requirement of special tap shoes. This is a popular class for high energy students who need to “blow off some steam!”

Boys Sports Agility  Clinic & Play (Dress Code: Sneakers ) P1 – 3rd Grade

In this class boys with focus on the five target areas of basketball: Footwork, Dribbling, Passing/Catching, Ball-Handling and Shooting. Each class is spent working on conditioning, agility and hand-eye coordination and well as learning the rules and strategy of a Basketball Game.

Boys Sports Agility  Clinic & Play  (Dress Code: Sneakers) 4tht – 7th Grade

The sports conditioning is for the young athlete that plays either one or multiple sports and are interested in keeping their movement skills at their peak ability regardless of whether their sport is in season.  With an emphasis on the mechanics of multi-planar speed and agility, this class is a “must have” for the athlete wishing to improve their movement skills during the critical “off-season” period.

Girls Hip Hoppers (Dress Code: Sneakers)

This is our Hip-Hop class for the little ones. During this early stage, the development of strength, flexibility and coordination is focused upon. The development of rhythm, coordination, and timing are also focused upon. Dance terminology is presented while dance steps are combined to music.

Girls Hip Hop/Jazz/Funk (Dress Code: Sneakers and Loose-Fitting Clothing) 6th – 8th Grade

Similar to jazz in that it is often fast paced and requires a lot of energy and concentration. Street Jazz dancing is a stylized street dance involving movement isolations which resemble the dis-jointed actions of a marionette. Hip Hop includes the styles of dance you see on shows like America’s Best Dance Crew and So You Think You Can Dance. In the genre of Hip Hop Dance you will find the popular street dances such as: breaking, popping, locking, housing, jerking, shuffling, and hip hop choreography which is generally a combination of these styles sequenced into a dance routine. Our Hip hop classes expose you to as many of the popular styles as possible.

Boys Sports Action & Training (Dress Code: Sneakers) 3-5 Years

Kids will movement skills while having fun and playing games.  This class is structured to help children work on their balance, multi-directional movement and overall coordination while becoming familiarized with agility devices and training techniques.  Sports Action will offer motor skills to last a lifetime, whether or not sports are a part of your child’s future.

Boys Break-Dancing (Dress Code: Sneakers) 1st – 5th Grade

Open to all students without any prior dance experience, this class teaches core Break Dance moves, covering categories such as toprock, downrock, power moves and freeze.

And having all out fun.

Girls Hip-Hop (Dress Code: Sneakers) 3rd – 5th Grade

This class combines moderate/low-impact dance aerobics with Hip-Hop choreography to provide an effective fitness program which not only allows girls to enjoy all that a dance class has to offer but also keeps them moving at a fitness level! All modern, fun and upbeat Hebrew music.


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